Bailey's Method - Call or email to order ( 920.676.3289

Strike-Off Plate

- Used in Bailey Method.

- The Strike-Off Plate is used in calibration of containers with water

- 12-inch x 12-inch x 3/8-inch thick,Clear Plastic.

- DE-4150

Strike-Off Plate

Price: $18.50

Tamping Rod


- For Bailey Method.

- 5/8" Diameter x 18" Length, Steel.

- Used to Rod and Strike Off Aggregates

- DE-5005

Tamping Rod

Price: $12.50

Proctor Mold

- Proctor Mold, 4-Inch (1/30 Cubic Foot).

- Steel mold body is welded to the base-plate, making calibration with water much easier.

- DE-5004

Proctor Mold

Price: $93.50

Weight Bucket

- Used in Bailey Method.

- 1/4 Cubic Foot unit weight bucket

- Steel construction and lifting  handles

- DE-3664

Weight Bucket

Price: $135.00

12" Stainless Steel Wet Washing Sieve Stand


12" Stainless Steel Wet Washing Sieve Stand

Price: $84.50

Aggregate Angularity / Void Content

Coarse Aggregate Angularity Apparatus AASHTO T 326

- Includes the hopper, stand, and measure are all stainless steel.

- It also includes a glass plate for calibration of the measure.

- VC-4200

Void content apparatus 

- Test includes the compaction cylinder and the glass plate used to calibrate volume of cylinder.

- VC-9102

Void content apparatus with strike-off guide plate​

-AASHTO T-304 standard method of test for uncompacted void content of fine aggregate. 


Chute-end aggregate handling pan

- Small


No photo available

Coarse Aggregate Angularity Apparatus

Price: $700.00

Void Content Apparatus / Fine Aggregate Angularity

Price: $110.00

Void Content Apparatus / Fine Aggregate Angularity

Price: $145.00

Chute-end Aggregate Handling Pan

Price: $71.50

Methylene Blue - Call or email to order ( 920.676.3289

25 Grams Methylene Blue

- 98% Purity

- MB-0025

Amber bottle

- 1000ml

- GL-2600

1000ml Erlenmeyer wide-mouth flask

- GL-3000

Amber burette

- 50mL x 0.1

- GL-1400

25-Grams Methylene Blue

Price: $47.50

Amber Bottle 1000ml

Price: $4.00

Support stand for methylene blue test


Double Buret Clamp

- Plastic coated metal


Support Stand for Methylene Blue Test

Price: $39.99

Double Buret Clamp

Price: $61.50

1000ml Erlenmeyer Wide-Mouth Flask

Price: $10.00

Amber Burette, 50mL x .1

Price: $175.00

10" Glass stirring rod

- GL-0035

Whatman Filter Paper

- 18.5cm (185mm)

- PP-5185

10" Glass Stirring Rod

Price: $2.50

Whatman Filter Paper, 18.5cm

Price: $72.00

100mm Plastic Funnel

- 100mm Diameter Chemical resistant polypropylene funnel

- Works best with 1000ml flask. 
- PL-4100

Plastic Funnel, 100mm Diameter

Price: $5.25