Pans- Call or email to order ( 920.676.3289

10"x6"x2.5" stainless steel pan

Price: $14.75

12"x6"x6" deep stainless steel pan

Price: $27.75

No photo available

7"x6"x4" stainless steel pan

From: $12.50

10" aluminum frying pan 

Price: $29.95

13.75"x9.75"x2.25" lightweight aluminum pan w/o handles

Price: $22.50

10"x5.5"x4" stainless steel pan

Price: $45.00

12"x10"x2.5" or 12"x10"x4"

From: $20.00

Galvanized steel pans in various sizes

From: $36.00

Lightweight aluminum pans w/ handles

From: $23.50

14"x13" stainless steel pans (2" and 4" depth)

From: $25.00

20"x12" stainless steel pans (2.5" or 4" depth)

From: $29.95

16.75"x13"x3.625" heavy duty aluminum pan

Price: $41.50

17.75"x11.75"x2.5" Heavy duty aluminum pan

Price: $37.00

25.875"x17.875"x2" aluminum pan

Price: $47.50

Aluminum sheet pan

Price: $15.00


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PO Box 67 
Cascade, WI 53011

P: (920) 523-6053

M: (920) 912-5763 

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