General Lab Accessories

Amber Burette, 50mL x 0.1

Price: $175.00

Better brown paper, 36"x400' 

Price: $53.50

HDPE Spacer blocks

From: $22.50

Hyrcar Nitrile rubber coated lab apron 

From: $25.00

Deluxe tuffmaster face shield

Price: $35.00

Safety glasses

Price: $8.50

Light box table 12"x12"

Price: $175.00

Core marking pen (silver or gold)

Price: $3.99

100 Plastic security zip ties

Price: $50.00

RTFO Bottle cleaning rack

From: $145.00

Metric reticle for sieve verification lenscope

From: $44.95

Spatulas w/ stainless steel blades

From: $7.25


510 Lake Street

PO Box 67 
Cascade, WI 53011

P: (920) 523-6053

M: (920) 912-5763 

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