Core Rigs- Call or email to order ( 920.676.3289

- 36" coring area w/o moving vehicle

- Fits in a standard class 3 receiver 

- Provides a rigid reaction mass to prevent the coring rig from spinning around itself. 


Hitch Mount - Adjustable (36" wide coring area)

Price: $895.00

- Stabilizing jacks at each end 

- Core bit sold separately 

- CoreBore 42" mast, carriage assm., quick disconnect motor mount, 2 outlet control panels with dual ammeters for drill motor and water pump, and a Milwaukee 2 speed drill motor. 


Adjustable hitch mount & hitch mount core rig

Price: $3,795.00

Frame only, water tank and generator not included.

3-4 week lead time


Slider core rig frame only

Price: $1,985.00

Includes slider frame, corebore components, Milwaukee drill motor, all hoses and cords for setup, 65 gallon tank w/ 140 gpm pump.

3-4 week lead time

With generator $8,594.99


Slider core rig complete - w/ or w/o generator

From: $6,649.99

Slider core rig w/65 gallon tank and pump. Does not include generator or core bore components. 

3-4 week lead time


Slider core rig w/ 65 gal. water tank and pump

Price: $2,450.00

Clever design permits quick, easy removal of your drill motor from the carriage assembly. Includes different length bolts and keys. 


M-5 Quick - Disconnect core drill motor mount for M-2

Price: $396.00

Included new rollers, rub strips and hardware. 


Sliding hitch mount overhaul kit

Price: $166.50