Rice Testing- Call or email to order (justin@atsnuc.com) 920.676.3289

AutoRice - Automatic rice testing control system

Price: $1,339.99

AutoRice - Optional USB frequency sensor

Price: $79.99

Little Tuffy, vacuum pump

Price: $799.99

Little Tuffy's Big Brother, vacuum pump

Price: $1,250.00

DuoSeal high-vacuum pump

Price: $1,989.99

PumpSaver electronic desiccator

Price: $994.99

Vacuum pump oil - 1 gallon

Price: $24.50

2000-gram Pycnometer w/ acrylic and metal lid

Price: $357.50

2000-gram pycnometer w/ acrylic lid

Price: $275.00

Replacement acrylic lid

From: $99.99

HMA Vibrating table

Price: $449.99

Needle valve for vacuum level valve

Price: $12.75

Digital absolute vacuum pressure gauge

From: $385.00

Mounting clip for gas drying apparatus

Price: $7.25

Rice station zebra

From: $2,895.00

Drierite (indicating) - 5 lb

Price: $57.50

HMA Vibrating table - clamp ring upgrade

Price: $72.50

Drierite (indicating) - 5 lb

Price: $29.50

Drierite gas drying jar

Price: $79.00

Vacuum lid for compact aggregate washer

From: $365.00

Talboys advanced digital 3500 orbital shaker

Price: $2,275.00

Orbital shaker universal platform, 13"x13"

From: $256.00

Clamp for 2-liter flasks

From: $75.00

Heavy wall 1/4" latex vacuum tubing per foot

Price: $2.35

Hydrophobic filter disc

Price: $9.95

Dewatering filter w/ wall-mounting bracket

Price: $66.95

Replacement tip and drain for water trap

From: $11.25

Vacuum level adjusting valve

Price: $21.50

Liquid-filled dial vacuum gauge

Price: $49.00

3-way brass T-fitting w/ 1/4" hose barb

Price: $12.95

3-way brass T-fitting w/ 2-1/4" hose barbs

From: $12.50

Vacuum release valve for pycnometer lid

Price: $12.50

6-1/2" diameter buna O-ring for pycnometer lid

Price: $4.00

Density weighing cradles

From: $35.99

Timer, 2 outlet

Price: $118.00

Digital 1-outlet timer

Price: $45.00

Major service kit for Little Tuffy Vacuum pump

Price: $185.00

Service seal kit for Big Brother Oilless Vacuum pump

Price: $109.00

Tune-up kit for the Little Tuffy Vacuum pump

Price: $58.70

Cylinder sleeve for the Little Tuffy Vacuum Pump

Price: $16.50

Cylinder sleeve for 2560B-01 vacuum pump

Price: $16.50

Leaf valve for Big Brother oilless vacuum pump

Price: $7.48

Piston cup for the LittleTuffy Vacuum pump

Price: $11.50

Leaf valve for the Little Tuffy vacuum pump

Price: $6.95

Head gasket for vacuum pump

Price: $8.75

1/4" exhaust muffler

Price: $5.50

Leaf valve for 2560B-01 pump

Price: $7.80


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