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AASHTO T-209 & ASTM 2041

- Controls and monitors Rice test

- Vacuum pressure and time

- Automates test parameters

- Able to measure shaking frequency

- Capable to enter weights and calculate max specific gravityies

- Stores test data 

AutoRice - Automatic rice testing control system

Price: $1,339.99

Measures shaking frequency and acceleration to prevent stripping damage to the sample.


AutoRice - Optional USB frequency sensor

Price: $79.99

2 state oilless pump for rice tests

ASTM D2041 & AASHTO T-209


Little Tuffy, vacuum pump

Price: $799.99

Two stage oilless pump for rice tests

ASTM D2041 & AASHTO T-209


Little Tuffy's Big Brother, vacuum pump

Price: $1,250.00

- Pulley drive enable low rpm's

- Large oil reservoir 

- Free air capacity .9CFM/25.5LPM/1530LPH

- Max vacuum .0001 torr

- Uses vacuum oil VA-1310


DuoSeal high-vacuum pump

Price: $1,989.99

- Reduce costs by reducing oil changes per year.

- Increases life of pump 

- Eliminates flow restricting desiccant cartridges

- Use with Rice Testing equipment


PumpSaver electronic desiccator

Price: $994.99

- 68 centistoke value

-  Use with vacuum pumps


Vacuum pump oil - 1 gallon

Price: $24.50

6" deep with acrylic lid and metal calibration lid


2000-gram Pycnometer w/ acrylic and metal lid

Price: $357.50

6" deep with acrylic lid


2000-gram pycnometer w/ acrylic lid

Price: $275.00

Use with 6" 2000g pycnometer


Replacement acrylic lid

From: $99.99

18"x11.5" with an I.D. of 8"

- Accepts 8" diameter vacuum pycnometer regardless of height

- Operates at 3000 rpm

- Includes: clamping ring upgrade, 6 ft. power cord with inline switch


HMA Vibrating table

Price: $449.99

Needle valve for vacuum level valve


Needle valve for vacuum level valve

Price: $12.75

- Easy to read and more accurate than a U-Tube manometer

- Displays to 0.1mm of Hg

- Auto shutdown after 20min.

- Built-in vacuum bleed off valve for easy adjustment 

- Battery operated or AC

VA-9200 $385.00

VA-9200C $465.00 (NIST calibration certificate)

Digital absolute vacuum pressure gauge

From: $385.00

Spring steel clamp securely holds cylinder for wall mounting



Mounting clip for gas drying apparatus

Price: $7.25

Includes: Little Tuffy oilless pump, de-watering filter w/ bracket, digital vacuum gauge w/ NIST certificate, compact aggregate washer, vacuum lid w/ rotating seal, ten ft. of heavy-wall vacuum tubing, One-hook w/ 12.5" opening 


Rice station zebra

From: $2,895.00

Used in water vapor traps, removes moisture from the air before it returns to pump.

- Crystals are blue and turn pink when wet.


Drierite (indicating) - 5 lb

Price: $57.50

Clamping ring upgrade for vibrating table 


HMA Vibrating table - clamp ring upgrade

Price: $72.50

Used in water vapor traps. 

Removes moisture from air before it returns to pump. 


Non indicating 5lb jar



Drierite (indicating) - 5 lb

Price: $29.50

- Indicating Drierite turns from blue to pink as it absorbs water vapor generated by a Rice test. 

- Plastic cylinder w/ aluminum caps

- Holds 1-1/4 lbs., 1/4" hose barbs


Drierite gas drying jar

Price: $79.00

For compact drum washer


Vacuum lid for compact aggregate washer

From: $365.00

- Auto speed ramping 

- Digital time and speed control

- 35lb capacity

- RS-232 data port

- Audible alarm

- 9mm orbit, speeds from 15-500rpm 

- 16.25"x14"x5.75"

- SH-4700

Talboys advanced digital 3500 orbital shaker

Price: $2,275.00

Universal platform 



Orbital shaker universal platform, 13"x13"

From: $256.00

Flask clamp for 2000mL flasks

- 2 required in FL and ND

- SH-4710

Clamp for 2-liter flasks

From: $75.00

Won't collapse under vacuum

1/4" ID x 3/8" wall

Soldy by the foot


Heavy wall 1/4" latex vacuum tubing per foot

Price: $2.35

- Teflon membrane allows air/gases but not liquids or small particles to pass through. 

- Offers extra protection for your pump. 


Hydrophobic filter disc

Price: $9.95

- In-line dewatering filter will pull out all the water vapor your vacuum pump can generate. 

- Wall-mounting bracket included

- AASHTO T-209-99 acceptable


Dewatering filter w/ wall-mounting bracket

Price: $66.95

Replacement tip and drain for water trap


Replacement tip and drain for water trap

From: $11.25

- Required under ASTM D2041-00 & AASHTO T-209-99

- Allows vacuum to be adjusted to 30mm on sample. Install in the vacuum line between the vacuum container and vacuum measuring device.

- 1/4" hose barbs


Vacuum level adjusting valve

Price: $21.50

Required under ASTM D2041

- Liquid filled gauge measures from 0-30" of Hg, 1/4" NPT bottom connection 


Liquid-filled dial vacuum gauge

Price: $49.00

- Tee fitting allows you to mount your liquid filled gauge directly to your Little Tuffy vacuum pump or any 1/4" NPT inlet

- Simply screw the nipple end into your pump, orienting it so your gauge will sit on top.


3-way brass T-fitting w/ 1/4" hose barb

Price: $12.95

Tee fitting allows you to mount your liquid filled gauge at any convenient location


3-way brass T-fitting w/ 2-1/4" hose barbs

From: $12.50


Vacuum release valve for pycnometer lid

Price: $12.50


6-1/2" diameter buna O-ring for pycnometer lid

Price: $4.00

Designed specifically for weighing the drum from our compact aggregate drum washer when it is used with the vacuum lid for rice tests, the Mega-1 hook has a 12.5" clearance. 

DE-1017 ($64.99) Mega 1

DE-1000 ($50.99) 1 hook

DE-1011 ($35.99) Mini cradle

Density weighing cradles

From: $35.99

- Rice test timer: 0-60 sprint-type timer that turns off power to the two receptacles

- Plug your vacuum pump into one and vibrating table into the other


Timer, 2 outlet

Price: $118.00

- Easy to read 1/2" display

- Can be programmed up to 24 hours.

- Memory recall for easy resets

- Supplied with NIST traceable certificate


Digital 1-outlet timer

Price: $45.00

Model 2562B-01 rebuild kit

- 2 connecting rod assemblies with pistons

- 8 head screws

- 2 valve plate assemblies

- 2 gaskets for valve plates

- 2 O-rings for cylinders

- 1 Exhaust muffler


Major service kit for Little Tuffy Vacuum pump

Price: $185.00

Service seal kit

4 O rings for connector tubes

2 O rings for valve plates

2 O rings for cylinders


Service seal kit for Big Brother Oilless Vacuum pump

Price: $109.00

Little Tuffy tune up kit

Includes: 2 cup seals, head gaskets for valve plates, cup retainer screws, and 2 cylinder O rings

- Combining this kit with 4 new leaf valves and an exhaust muffler should restore most Little Tuffy 2562B-01 pumps 


Tune-up kit for the Little Tuffy Vacuum pump

Price: $58.70

There are two in each pump, usually the rear cylinder that gets scarred up. Replacing both will ensure even compression. 


Cylinder sleeve for the Little Tuffy Vacuum Pump

Price: $16.50

Cylinder sleeve for 2560B-01

There are two in each pump, typically the rear gets scarred up but replacing both will ensure even compression. 


Cylinder sleeve for 2560B-01 vacuum pump

Price: $16.50

1 Leaf Valve for Big Brother

There are 2 per cylinder and it's best to replace all four at one time


Leaf valve for Big Brother oilless vacuum pump

Price: $7.48

1 Piston cup for Little Tuffy vacuum pump

2 Cup seals required for each pump


Piston cup for the LittleTuffy Vacuum pump

Price: $11.50

1 Leaf valve for Little Tuffy vacuum pump

There are two per cylinder head and it's best to replace all four to ensure even compression. 


Leaf valve for the Little Tuffy vacuum pump

Price: $6.95

1 Head gasket for vacuum pump

2 required for each pump


Head gasket for vacuum pump

Price: $8.75

- The muffler is a porex filter

- May become plugged from the inside which reduces pumps ability to exhaust air. 


1/4" exhaust muffler

Price: $5.50

1 leaf valve for 2560B-01

There are 2 valves per cylinder head, and it's best to replace all for valves to ensure even compression. 


Leaf valve for 2560B-01 pump

Price: $7.80