Glassware- Call or email to order ( 920.676.3289

1000ml Erlenmeyer wide-mouth flask

Price: $10.00

2000ml Erlenmyer flask

Price: $32.50

150ml Evaporating dish, 40x100mm with spout

Price: $11.50

(5) 150ml Evaporating dish, 40x100mm 

Price: $52.50

232ml Evaporating dish, 47x112mm w/ spout

Price: $18.00

250ml Coorstek porcelain crucible top 84x72mm

Price: $21.99

Coorstek porcelain crucible

Price: $15.50

(8) RTFO Bottles w/ lip and serial #

Price: $280.00

Low form heavy-duty pryrex glass beaker (6 sizes)

From: $6.50

250ml Low form beakers

From: $2.75

2000ml low form glass beaker w/ handle

Price: $110.00

Hydrometer cylinder available in 250,500,1000ml

From: $23.50

800ml Low form pyrex

Price: $8.50

1000ml low form glass beaker

Price: $9.50

Volumetric flask w/ snap cap, various sizes

 From: $10.35

(4) 250ml Volumetric flask w/ snap cap

Price: $59.95

Class A graduated cylinders - various sizes

From: $7.15

2000ml Glass graduated cylinder

Price: $75.00

RTFO bottle - 1 bottle

Price: $35.00

1000ml Hydrometer cylinder 64x457mm

Price: $59.00


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