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Spun aluminum filling funnel

- 4"

- HA-9004

Filling funnel, 4" Spun Aluminum

Price: $27.50

6" Spun aluminum filling funnel

Ideal for 6" (150mm) gyratory molds


Filling funnel, 6" aluminum

Price: $47.50

Aggregate or HMA filling funnel

- Molded plastic funnel for single handled filling sample bags. 

- HMA version has heat resistant liner.

HA-9008 ($39.95) Agg.

HA-9009 ($49.99) HMA 

Bag Buddy - Filling funnel for aggregates or HMA

Price: $39.95

4" QuarterMaster Filling chute/funnel


4" QuarterMaster filling funnel/chute

Price: $250.00

80mm plastic funnel

Heat resistant to 121C (250F)

Works best w/ 500ml flask


80mm plastic funnel

Price: $4.75

100mm plastic funnel

- Works best with 1000ml flask


100mm plastic funnel

Price: $5.25