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16oz ($3.50) PL-0100

32oz ($3.95) PL-0200

Adjustable nozzle

Plastic spray bottle - 16oz or 32oz

From: $3.50

250ml/8oz ($4.35) PL-5250

500ml/16oz ($4.95) PL-5500

1000ml/32oz ($7.95) PL-5600

28mm closure

- Nalgene polyethylene w/ a polypropylene screw closure

- Wide-mouth unitary for faster easier filling

- Bottle and tubulation molded in one piece


Narrow mouth polyethylene wash bottle

From: $4.35

500ml (16oz) leak-proof plastic bottle

Price: $11.50

SCB sample preparation saw

- Includes .050" blade

- Includes alignment block for saw alignment. 

- 1-1/2 HP motor, 3450 RPM

- CE-6000

- 250ml Wide mouth polyethylene oblong bottle w/ a cap

- Meets FDA standards


8oz (250ml) plastic bottle

From: $1.25


1000ml (32oz) plastic bottle (blue lids)

Price: $8.00

10ml ($4.60) PL-3410

25ml ($5.00) PL-3425

100ml ($8.50) PL-3450

500ml ($13.50) PL-3455

Chemical and heat resitant 250F / 121C

Plastic cylinders, various sizes

From: $4.60

100ml ($10.00) PL-3430

1000ml ($22.99) PL-3460

2000ml ($44.95) PL-3480

- Transparent polymethylpentene is shaterproof. 

- Heat resistance 302F/150C

Plastic cylinder, various sizes

From: $10.00

Window clear PMP is shaterproof. 

302F/150C heat resistance


250ml Plastic cylinder

Price: $11.50

250ml ($3.95) PL-6295

1000ml ($8.75) PL-6100

2000ml ($9.95) PL-6200

3000ml ($13.80) PL-6300

5000ml ($31.70) PL-6500

1 gallon polypropylene mason jar w/ 70mm G cap 


Plastic pitcher, various sizes

From: $3.95

Plastic mason jar w/ 70mm G Cap

Price: $35.00


Plastic dispensing pump for 8oz or 32oz bottles

Price: $1.75


Plastic dispensing pump for gallon jar

Price: $3.50