NCAT Furnace & Accessories

NCAT Furnace, original ignition method

NCAT ignition furnace start-up accessories kit

NCAT printer paper

From: $2.25

NCAT furnace ceramic tubes - balance

Price: $8.59

NCAT hearth plate

Price: $132.00

Sample basket assembly for NCAT asphalt furnace

Price: $450.00

NCAT furnace drip tray Price: $109.99

NCAT Basket liners

Price: $140.00

Anderol 465 high temperature oil (NCAT blower oil)

Price: $9.50

NCAT chamber support blocks

Price: $45.00

NCAT furnace manual

Price: $29.50

NCAT furnace feet

From: $2.00

NCAT Bennet bars

Price: $72.50

NCAT ignition furnace retriever

Price: $449.99


510 Lake Street

PO Box 67 
Cascade, WI 53011

P: (920) 523-6053

M: (920) 912-5763 

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