Shakers & Sifters- Call or email to order ( 920.676.3289

- Great for particle size determinations on big samples

- Hydraulic pump system to clamp screen trays

- Designed for labs w/ heavy particle size testing workload

- TS-1 shaker screen trays and dust pan sold seperately


TS-1 aggregate screening machine w/o screens

Price: $3,415.00

- Basically the same as the TS-1 except fastens the screen trays manually using screw type clamping handles. 

- Thriftier but slightly more labor intensive.

- Shaker screen trays and dust pan sold separately. 


- Self balancing, doesn't need to be bolted to floor.

- Works best for separation in the 2" to #16 range.

- 6 Tray capacity


TS-2 aggregate screening machine w/o screens

Price: $3,227.99

Porta-screen shaker 6-Tray capacity

Price: $3,244.99

SCB sample preparation saw

- Includes .050" blade

- Includes alignment block for saw alignment. 

- 1-1/2 HP motor, 3450 RPM

- CE-6000

- Will hold up to ten 2" deep 8 or 12" test sieves, plus pan and cover. 

- Digital timer provides precise time, features memory recall. 

- Aluminum hammer assemblies have UHMW plastic heads and are attached to rotating shafts.



Silent rotary sieve sifter for 8" & 12" sieves

From: $2,295.00



Clean & weigh accessory

Price: $312.00

Various sizes available.

Please call for pricing. 

Replacement screen cloth for TS & TM model trays

Variety of sizes available, please call or email for pricing.

Screen tray, for use Porta-screen shakers

Various sizes available.

Please call or email for pricing.

Replacement screen cloth for Porta-screen shaker trays

For models TS & TM

Available sizes:

1/4" up to 2"

#3.5 up to #270

Blank screen #8 to finest

Blank screen #4 and up

Call for specific size and price

ASTM Testing screen & Test-master trays

From: $175.99

- 24" high rack is great for storing trays when not in use

- It holds and protects up to 7 screen trays



TS-1 / TS-2 screen tray storage rack

Price: $184.99

- Tool for quickly examining openings of test sieves and screen trays

- Tough anodized black steel


Sieve screen opening gauge and case

Price: $145.00

- Easily removable door panel which puts emphasis on the minimization of dust and noise.

- It covers the entire top and front openings.


TS-1 / TS-2 shaker door enclosure

Price: $167.50

- Belt guard for TS1 & TS2 shakers.

- Guard completely encloses the moving belt per MSHA.

- Installs in existing bolt holes


TS-1 / TS-2 shakers belt guard

Price: $199.99