Instrotek Products- Call or email to order ( 920.676.3289

CoreDry - Rapid core drying in minutes

CoreLok from Instrotek

CoreLok bags

From: $54.00

Auto SCB Universal load frame- SCB, IDEAL-CT, TSR, Marshall

Hamburg wheel tracker - Smart Tracker

H.W.T. Pro - Hamburg wheel tracker verification and calibration system

Moisture induced stress test- The M.i.S.T.

Smart-TSR/IDEAL-CT jig

Price: $2,494.99

AutoRice - Automatic rice testing control system

Price: $1,339.99

PumpSaver electronic desiccator

Price: $994.99

ACT- Asphalt compatibility tester


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PO Box 67 
Cascade, WI 53011

P: (920) 523-6053

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