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- Measure a core's density in less than 20 minutes. 

- Same accurate dry weight without degrading or changing the sample characteristics. 

- ASTM D7227

CoreDry - Rapid core drying in minutes


- Tests for porosity, % asphalt content, bulk specific gravity, aggregate specific gravity

- GravitySuite software

- No bags included

- 103.1000

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CoreLok from Instrotek

Box of 100 for use with corelok. 

X large bags are special order, min. quantity is 10 boxes. 

-10"x14" $54.00 (203.1001)

-15"x18" $84.00 (203.1002)

-11"x15" $84.00 (203.1005)

- 16.5"x18" $150.00 (203.1


CoreLok bags

From: $54.00

Auto SCB

- 10kN load system with load cell

- Auto load and displacement control

- Control seating load 100N+/-10 N

- Max ram travel 100mm

- 294.3002

Auto SCB Universal load frame- SCB, IDEAL-CT, TSR, Marshall

Hamburg wheel tracker​

- Exceeds AASHTO T-324

- Independent motor for each wheel

Contact for pricing and more information

Hamburg wheel tracker - Smart Tracker

H.W.T. Pro 

- Hamburg wheel tracker verification and calibration system

- AASHTO T-324

Contact for pricing.

H.W.T. Pro - Hamburg wheel tracker verification and calibration system

The M.i.S.T. 

Simulates the stripping mechanisms that occur in H.M.A. pavement layers. 

Contact for pricing. 

Moisture induced stress test- The M.i.S.T.

Smart-TSR/IDEAL-CT jig

- Meets AASHTO T283, ASTM D6931 & D4867

- Load capacity: 50kN

- Tests 62mm, 100mm, & 150mm size samples


Smart-TSR/IDEAL-CT jig

Price: $2,494.99

AASHTO T-209 & ASTM 2041

- Controls and monitors Rice test

- Vacuum pressure and time

- Automates test parameters

- Able to measure shaking frequency

- Capable to enter weights and calculate max specific gravityies

- Stores test data 

AutoRice - Automatic rice testing control system

Price: $1,339.99

- Reduce costs by reducing oil changes per year.

- Increases life of pump 

- Eliminates flow restricting desiccant cartridges

- Use with Rice Testing equipment


PumpSaver electronic desiccator

Price: $994.99

ACT- Asphalt compatibility tester

- Uses LED light and detection system to measure color change (ASTM D 3625) Boil test method.

- Eliminates judgement calls


ACT- Asphalt compatibility tester